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RE: 3D Printing the D.Buzz Logo

in STEMGeeks4 days ago

Looking great man, I love the idea of making it a refrigerator magnet!

Things have been a little slow here but still productive :)

I designed some beads recently for hanging curtains, but it will take 1000 grams to make a curtain so I'm going to wait on it.
Electronics casing enclosures is something I'm thinking about, for things like Arduino and PI chips, maybe some sleek 3D printed cameras.

The design curve is challenging for me but Tinkercad definitely is user friendly for beginners.

Keep up the great work and Have a great day!


I have a unique enclosure I need to make eventually. A little bit ahead of myself there since I haven't even breadboarded the circuit design yet for the enclosure but I know exactly what it needs to look like on the exterior. It will probably end utilizing BeagleBone.