3D Printed Vase For Clones

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Hello Everyone,

Yesterday I shared a vase I printed for the use of cloning cannabis.

Although it works just fine I felt things could be improved slightly. It was a bit top heavy and tiny. Scaled to a larger size I started having issues with the print so I decided to look for a different model.

This is what I found:

Faceted Bowl and Vase by billbo1958 April 05, 2017 (Thingiverse link)

I really like this vase. The print in the photo above did not come out great due to over extrusion (pushing out too much filament from the nozzle). The reason for this is comprehended well by myself because I intentionally increased the extrusion rate to ensure a watertight seal from bottom to top. This method worked great at the cost of aesthetics.

I also printed some small funnels to use as inserts for the clippings.

Vented mini funnel for small bottles by rcws May 20, 2022 (Thingiverse link)

Vented mini funnel for small bottles by rcws May 20, 2022 (Thingiverse link)

These are really tiny and took two hours to print a batch of five of them. I did not change the size of the model, this is the size the designer uploaded them at. They're perfect for what I'm using them for!



In the above images we can see the difference between a model with over extrusion and too much heat, compared to a model that is not over extruding and not printing too hot. The second print is much more pleasing to the eye and printed with a perfect seal. The difference between materials can also dictate and change certain parameters related to the printers settings, and therefore may need to be changed according to the filament and the type of print being produced.


Here we see two of these vases printed, sitting next to the smaller vase I printed yesterday. I added a thick raft at the bottom of the new print for a stabilizer, and it works really good. We won't be having any top heavy issues.

The reason for the transparent vase next to the green vase is because I am going to perform an experiment, probably tomorrow.

The experiment will be to test the effects of a see through vase on the root production of clippings, compared to a vase that allows much less light to penetrate to them. Both clippings will come from the same plant at the same exact time. Everything will be an exact copy with exact conditions, except for the vases. This should give me a good idea of what works best for clippings.

This experiment will be conducted on my main blog @futuremind
I hope to see you over there as well!

That will do it for today.

What do you all think of this vase I printed today?

Will my plants likely grow roots in them?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section!

Thanks for stopping by! ~~@print3dpro


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Wow!!! This post needs a better reward than this...I love 3Dprinters and it's been a while since I see lovely results like this
This is a great job 😍😍😍

That's so kind of you to say, thank you!