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Let's say enough to programs that are too complicated for the editing of our videos and let's limit ourselves to the essential, eliminating useless sequences, without sacrificing quality.

Video editing blazing fast.png

Sofware: LosslesCut
What is it for: Cut unnecessary sequences from a movie

  • We can scroll the movie with the mouse wheel
  • Quickly export the file without unwanted sequences
  • It also works with audio files

Most of the times when we make a movie, for example that of the visit to a theme park, we really need to eliminate all those parts that have come wrong or that we have taken by mistake. Usually to get the final product to review and show to friends we use semi-professional applications for video editing. Unfortunately, these software have a lot of tools that are completely useless for our needs. That's why it's best to rely on LosslesCut , a program whose purpose is to eliminate all unnecessary sequences from a movie. In practice we must indicate to the application the starting point and the final point of the segments that we do not want and proceed with the export of the finished product. Furthermore, the audio and video quality of the original will be perfectly maintained. LosselesCut is not only used for movies but we can also use it to eliminate all the parts that do not interest us from an audio file.

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