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RE: Getting started with Hive app development

in STEMGeeks2 years ago

A few questions for you @themarkymark...

  1. What do you think of LightHive? For some reason, when I have used Beem for posting, I have experienced issues. LightHive, I have had no issues with it. LightHive is a Python module/library.

  2. If I wanted to build a non-blogging platform with exclusivity and an associated side-chain token (like a forum) would I be able to do so?

  3. I'm blacklisted by a certain someone who has given themselves too much authority and opened the door for abuse, would their harassment bots follow me into this more exclusive non-blogging app I'm creating?

  4. Just so it is 100% clear to me, I would self-host the app and connect to the Hive Blockchain API? I can literally have it hosted wherever I want, correct?

 2 years ago 
  1. I am familiar, I believe it was forked off beem. I have no issues posting from beem. It is likely user error.

  2. I would think so, others have (minus the token part).

  3. if it uses rewards on the base layer (hive) then yes, potentially

  4. yes

Excellent, that's good to know. I wanted to know about these things before I planned the build and started coding this thing.

Very possible the Beem issues are on me!