Shadow Gate - "Everything about the Cambridge Analytica scandal ... I would decribe as a later iteration of the Shadow Net"

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Update - Help Millie and her Husband

Help Millie and her husband: (if you can't donate anything please share the documentary with everyone you know as this helps immensely)

Millie Weaver and her husband have just been arrested as they were releasing this documentary revealing the TREASON of the Obama administration.

This is not a joke!

The more people who've seen it got it and can testify about it the safer those who have put their lives on the line will be.

Millie Weaver's Channel:
Tore Says Channel:


The Quote is seen in the video "What They Dont Want You To See" A.K.A. Shadow Gate

Watch "Shadow Gate"

If you don't like YouTube LBRY is also available.


"We are only supposed to focus on the Russia hack on the DNC not the RNC."

Cambridge Analytica had reached out to Wikileaks to aid the Trump campaign?


Seth Rich worked for the DNC

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