5G is Unnecessary - Change My Mind!

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I have been saying for months that I would have not invested in ANY 5G infrastructure, and instead waiting for high quality 6G Hardware demo kits from Japan.

If you dont live stream over 1440p at high bit rates, 5G is unnecessary technology and doesnt offer and increase to your quality of live.

Change my mind!


well, for somes company, it's going to be a requirement.

With 5G:

  • You can log a lot of info from machines, elevator, ... It will be a great improvement in health care, industry, ...
  • You can process data in real time

thank you for at least contributing, usually I get atrocious responses from others on this topic.

@darkflame the first 5g use case finally someone who could actually make this argument. Jobs, but at least the is 6G from Japan still coming our way?

What do you think of the 6G proposal from Japan @slashformotion

"According to Dr. Michel Fattouche, “from 2G to 5G the name of the game was data communications speed.” Proposed 5G systems suggest a speed of 3Gbps which would currently satisfy needs and capabilities of any mobile in existence. We are sure that the future will bring higher speeds. For that reason, it is our vision to direct the new generation (6G) to a new scope and focus on restructuring the network.

We propose one single network that will allow all users in different corporations, resorts, hospitals, and industrial and educational institutions full control over the communications within their facilities with full interconnect ability with the operator.

In other words, the network of networks represents the block chain concept of decentralization of communications amongst all network elements, mainly the storage of data as well as data processing, nevertheless to mention the consolidation of the 6G Digital currency."


Moon 2020

What do you think of the 6G proposal from Japan @slashformotion

I haven't checked it yet

I am waiting for more information to come out but it would be way healthier economics for Canada to just drop all the American and Chinese politicized wireless tech and move onto the next gen from a neutral or moderate standpoint.

For short term, not using 5G would be a big problem, they are not gonna jump this

a big problem, please define this problem, if its for corporations that jumped the gun, its called the game and they made a bad investment so I am aware of the fiscal proponents to this topics but I am curious if you forsee any technical set backs aside from companies who invested as "early adopters" of 5G tech knowing it was rushed after LTE and trying to jump the gun. Theres only 2 out of the 3 big Cell phone companies in Canada that would be affected by this, if they pass the charges along to users who didnt want 5G the CRTC will likely sue them, so on that note what does the average end user have to loose from not accessing 5G?

the average user will not lose anything on short term.
BUT his company, will be less competitive than the others on the professional market.
They will need to replace this money by increasing their margin on another market: the average consumer market

This will be an interesting development but alot will be learned is my Hope's. Future generations will not be as rough from what we learnt here about trusting IP from the wrong people.