Xiaomi Poco X4 Pro 5G Unboxing

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Hey friends! So the United States is turning off 3G cell towers this year - AT&T's are already off - and I had to get a new phone because my previous phone only went up to 3G. So I saw a review for the Xiaomi sub-brand Poco X4 Pro 5G that really got me interested - basically, I could get a lot more phone for the price of a much simpler one. Now I'm not real techy with the phone specs, but my previous phone only went up to 16GB of memory and this one has 128GB (there was a model with double that but I got the smaller one); my previous phone had just regular camera lenses at 13MP for the main and 5MP for the selfie; this one has three cameras on the back at 108MP for the main and 16MP for the selfie plus an ultrawide and macro lens (have never had those on a phone before!). So this is definitely feeling very fancy for me. :)

The review I initially saw that made me look into this phone was from Mrwhosetheboss on YouTube, where he was basically saying that it was possibly as close as you could get to a flagship phone at a discount phone price. Xiaomi phones aren't really marketed in the US - I could find it on EBay or Amazon, but not at Best Buy, for example - and as you'll see in the video, the phone store that I bought it from included a US adapter separate from the original packaging because the phone doesn't come with a US-plug charger. But it should work with my carrier (about to switch over my SIM card today), so I'm down to try a new brand (and charge it like I'm traveling internationally, hee hee) for a better phone!

If you're wondering, this phone cost me $292, or $318 with tax. The Samsung phone I was looking at before I found this one was $250 before tax with 64GM memory and a 50MP main camera (the Galaxy A13 5G) - so I'd say I seriously upgraded for 40 bucks more.

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Very useful review...cleared lots. Just one question... Will it get Android 12 anytime???.... looking forward to get this phone.

The original review I saw (

thought that perhaps over time they would update as far as 13, but that was conjecture. When I did a google, the returns said that Xiaomi said there would be an Android 12 update.
I'm actually sitting on a system update right now because I haven't had it connected to wifi for the big data use; this site said that the android 12 update has already been done so perhaps that's what my update will be once I get it downloaded. That site also agreed that they would update as far as 13.

Enjoy your new phone...! I have a Xiaomi Lite 8 and am enjoying the specs and definitely upgraded to a better phone camera.

Oh and I don't know about you, but if my old phone is still working - regardless of why I had to upgrade to another phone - I would still use it for certain tasks like taking pictures, playing games and/or use as a separate music phone. That way you still get your use out of it.

Thanks! :) And that's a good idea re: still using the old phone, I was wondering if I can still do things like that without the SIM card in it!

I don't know if it's because we're living in a country still in development or not, but we're really thinking about how to get the most use out of our tech gadgets. !LOL 😅

In some cases we gave the phones away, because someone had lost or broken their phone and wasn't able to buy a new one immediately. If not, then we use the gadget for those mentioned purposes, so that the newer phone doesn't get weary as fast.

I usually use my phones until they are broken. Having a still-functional phone that I had to upgrade because the system was leaving me behind is a new thing to me.
Usually people gift or resell their phones here if they upgrade but still have a good phone too. But mine won't be able to connect to a network anymore, so I'll probably use it as dual camera action for my videos. :D

But mine won't be able to connect to a network anymore, so I'll probably use it as dual camera action for my videos. :D

Yeah, so those online games won't be able to open up or be updated and if you listen to music online that won't be possible. It could also be used as a (backup) storage, but definitely functional as a second camera.

I usually use my phones until they are broken.

That's the rule we live by mostly but I had phones that stopped functioning, because of broken glass or not enough storage, that I had to buy a better working one.

I once had a phone, that it seemed as if a ghost was typing the screen, while I was using it for something else all because of broken glass. !LOL It didn't give me much trouble when playing music though 😂.

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In the long ago before smartphones were really a thing, I had a couple of what you might call proto-smartphones; then after that I actually stepped down and went back to simple phones at the time where everyone else was just starting to buy things like iPhone or whatever, because a) money but also b) I had already discovered that I was spending too much time doofing around on my phone checking facebook or whatever and I felt like having it in my pocket was too tempting. So for many years, I was using old fashioned phones like flip phones even when nearly everyone had a smart phone.
One time I was in the store and the cashier saw my phone and said "It's like a phone from ANOTHER TIME PERIOD!!" and I was like ...it's two years old, dude. 😂
Anyway, I did eventually go back to smartphones but that time without them broke that habit of always checking my phone. So I don't feel like, addicted to the internet in my pocket anymore, and so I don't use it for a lot of things that other people do like playing games (I usually keep one game on there for if I'm bored waiting for a bus or something, but something simple like Mahjong or Sudoku). Also, I never had this much memory on a phone before so a lot of the very space-taking things I just couldn't do. I only downloaded some music to this phone for the first time ever!

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