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RE: We Must Crush Digital Misinformation Before It Destroys Society

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The solution lies in people volunteering, sacrificing even, to counter the problem: news outlets, sense-making institutions and organizations, must foster and nurture trust instead of thinking they need to counter other agendas with their own.

If a news institution wants to redeem itself, heads must roll, figuratively. The social engineers and other corrupt self-righteous agents need to be fired, and the staff that are committed to building a trustworthy organization would need to replace them very carefully. And to foster a greater pool of these candidates, enough universities need to find the courage to stand up to the insane, disconnected Marxists that have rooted themselves everywhere in academia.

It's not impossible but with economics of the news business, you can see where this would require a lot of profit sacrificed. It's more important than money, though. Hopefully some can see that.