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RE: Close encounter with a superbug

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Pretty cool though, these other viruses are like mob bosses chilling building letting the tiny gangs have their war then boom we finally get to fight zombies.

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I personally fear these drug resistant bacteria more than Covid.

Yeah I think they are quite nasty. My boss went to the hospital I think for a knee thing just before the whole covid crap and he came out with something affecting his lungs and is diabetic although the doc did not know what he had he had to give him something to fight it but then that would make him worse due to diabetics then fix the diabetics but that would make the lung situation worse again because the virus is obviously still present. He basically had early covid symptoms but no one ever figured it out and it took him about 6 months to regain full energy and being able to breath proper. He says it is from someone that was in a room across for some reason no one was ever allowed in except staff assigned. Hospitals do breed their fair share of mutants, and maybe that girl did not travel but had an extensive medical history in general.

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Yeah, nosocomial infections are a thing.

In this patient's case, I doubt it was because we did not have an "outbreak" in our inpatient area.

If anything, the state should be looking around where she's living.