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RE: Close encounter with a superbug

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You did not read the article of a patient who went to thailand and got gonorrhea! When he went to the hospital, the specialists detected that this strain was resistant to all the drugs on the market...According to it was the most resistant thing they had seen in a sexually transmitted disease, and in summary of the article I remember that he said that the day that humanity will encounter a disease with 99% mortality resistant to everything... There we would become extinct... Shit!

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This is the third time I've encountered a superbug. They'll evolve, just like we do.

We likely won't become extinct, just like the Black Death couldn't do it. Life will find a way.

Okay! What I learned from the (plague inc) game that I was very addicted to is that we are easy to annihilate xD xD you should play it 😎😂

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Done it before. It's all right.