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RE: Debunking myths: Is there a pharmaceutical conspiracy to find the cancer cure?

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Interesting article. May I ask what you think of Wim Hoff's research? Specifically with the Ebola experiments? I'll look for a link now.
Edit : here's the link to a study Voluntary activation of the sympathetic nervous system and attenuation of the innate immune response in humans

And here's Wim Hoff's website


Hi there thanks for the reading! I am not a virus researcher specialist. But I read the article that you showed which is interesting showing how neural activity can manipulates a immune response. I already read somewhere that auto-immune diseases can be trigger by the emotional of the patient. The patient has already a genetic predisposition, but the trigger can happen after a certain neurological response, a stressful event that happens. So breathing training as we have in Yoga can be used to help avoid these problems. For ebola, I guess the article doesn't mention anything. Ebola is caused by a deadly virus that mostly destroys the organism quickly. It is very aggressive, and I think the first thing it attacks is the immune cells (like HIV, but faster and with more aggression). So, I can be wrong, but with ebola, this technique to help deal with immune stress won't help much.