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RE: After almost 6 months, I have my PC parts

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Nice, dude! Everyone is going AMD these days. I have had an early Threadripper for a couple of years now and just finished a new build. We need bad ass workstations for our work, otherwise I wouldn't be able to justify the cost. Same as you, we are still trying to get GPUs, though.


That's a TR 3970x and 256GB Ram. Also got a couple 2TB gen 4 NVMEs running striped. This computer is an absolute beast. Also the best I have ever built.


Fuck yeah. That is like mine.. But I'm 1st gen 1950x

Not bad, @klye! a bit better than my other computer, which I am typing this on right now:


Why is your voltage so high?! My 1950x runs 3.6Ghz at something like 1.3v or slightly less.

1.4v or more is only when I'm overclocked to 4.2Ghz or so with custom load line settings and aggressive thermal throttling turned down in trade for higher fan / cooler RPM.

Yeah, something went wrong with this machine about a month ago. It is the reason I got the new one. My very stable overclock suddenly failed and 2 of the pcie slots just flat out died. We had a huge power surge around that time which took out the electric for a couple of hours.

I think I was in the middle of trying to get the overclock working right again and got bored and just ordered new parts, as you do. Because right now I am staring at that voltage, having a vague memory of why it's so high, and then it slips away.

This is what happens when you have too many computers in your house.

Motherboards tend to fail for me too if I abuse them with constant higher than average clocks and FSB tweaking. Sorry to hear about your electronic 'splosion.. That shit ain't cheap!

Check your line load setup and refer to the chip specifications available online to see where normal voltages is.. 1.41v at 3.6Ghz is high considering I've got 4 more active cores and draw less voltage than that.. 0-0

That ram cpu sandwich is so satisfying.

Indeed it is. Makes one drool a bit ;p