Tiktok Covid predictor's leak found!

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For those that followed my first post on this matter, I would like to give you an update!

you can read the original post here https://ecency.com/hive-163521/@notak/tiktok-user-using-pseud-oscience

The original story was someone who used pseudoscience to predict exactly the daily covid case numbers. The conclusion of my article was that he must almost certainly have a source that is leaking the numbers, or somehow access their systems.

What happened today?

Jon in his normal post, predicted 109 cases for the day, but when NSW health announced the number was 98. This was the first time in 5 days he had been wrong?

So what happened? whilst only rumors, it is believe that the fake number was planted throughout NSW health so that they could "smoke" out the leaker.

What is Jon's response

Still defiant, Jon denies there was a leak, and has issued this press release from the self appointed "peoples premier".


Clearly he is taking the mickey out of the general public, and maybe this might launch his career as a comedian, good luck to him, but the deception is over.

Lets hope he thinks about the consequences there might be to the person who was leaking him the info. Although the government has not confirmed it is a leak or a IT related breach, clearly what has happened is that we won't get our predictions a few hours early anymore.


Yay! 🤗
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