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RE: Remembering my first phone

in STEMGeeks2 months ago

My first phone was a Nokia 101, I think about 1996. It was an analogue phone before gsm came out. I don't even think it had snake on it. Nokia were such a market leader back then, shame they didn't adopt open architecture and adopt android early on, otherwise they would still be a strong force in the mobile category. Sony made the same mistake with Memory Stick, adopting cross company standards on SD cards too late leaving them with a diminished market share. It wasnt as fatal for Sony as for Nokia, but its a lesson for corporates thinking they can lock competitors out by forcing customers to use their products for everything. The next battleground for this is portable power tools, where you are forced to buy the same brand so the battery fits every device...I wonder how long this will last...

 2 months ago 

I have never considered the battles in power tools before.

That would be interesting to see.