3D Printing is harder than it looks!

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Today I thought I would do a few 3D prints, I haven't used my 3D printers for more than 6 months. It's Summer time here, so usually avoid it as it throws heat in the room.

Anyway, to start with I am just printing a 20mm box. This is so I can make sure that a long print isn't wasted.

The First Print

Well, as the title of this posts says, it isn't always easy printing. I wasn't expecting the first print to work well. However it did look pretty good on the print bed.


My print bed is a removable flexible print bed, so was a little challenging to pull off, but not that bad.

Now time to remove the raft!

Removing the raft was crazy hard. so hard I needed pliers, so hard it just didn't work.


What a mess. I needed to change something to make sure it works

Second and third attempts

I decided to change one setting, all I changed was the gap between the raft and the model. I moved that up from 15mm to 30mm, and then to 40mm.


This did the rick and now I can print and remove the raft without using pliers and destroying the model


Whats next?

I like printing moving parts, so now I will be able to print something a little more exciting than a box!

What do you think I should try to print now? any ideas comment below

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Wow! 3D printing is cool. Can you only print plastic materials? Is it possible to try different shapes?

My printer does mostly just plastics, but there are 3D printers that can do metal, concrete, even food like chocolate.

Yes lots of shapes are available. you can download them off thingiverse.

I think everything we build falls between those categories. The concrete must be really useful when building 3D homes.

Right. Just have to find the right one. Thank you.

I don't want to know, how many hours I spent trying to find & fix problems on my printer 😅 if you try a bigger nozzle, prints will stick much better to the printbed + prints are faster and stronger.
Good luck for future projects and great post!

Still trying to get the settings right so I can print moving parts, they all seem to jam for me!

I printed a Ball bearing before and after adjusting the frame and afterwards it was running free

I don't want to be a smart-ass, but it is probably that the frame of the printer isn't 100 % in 90 degrees.
I had the problem with my printer, I mean a printer for let's say 200-400 $ comes from China and they are often not checking...
So if a rail that should be 90 degrees is 89 degrees can cause a lot of problems 😬

I have heard that it is very important to calibrate a 3D printer before using it.
You're doing great right away after the second time.
Speaking of which, a friend of mine downloaded a simple 3D printed blueprint to make a lampshade.

Cool. I knew someone who works for a printing shop, and fixes printers too.

Wellcome back and good luck 😁 6 months of free time will kill any filaments no worries.

It is true that we have committed ourselves to a long and tiring but enjoyable learning process. But printing something in 3D and then painting it, and using it after it has finished is really enjoyable. 🤗🤗

Amazing how it works

Don't use a raft, that model has no need for a raft, in fact 99% of prints you don't need to use a raft.

A brim with a 0.1 - 0.16 gap is a much better choice if you are having adhesion problems, but you shouldn't even need that for this print, the entire print is on the bed surface.

That looks like a textured PEI sheet, a good clean with soap/water should help a lot with adhesion, just try to avoid putting your fingers on the surface.

There is a good chance you need to raise the bed temperature if you are having problems with adhesion, PEI likes to have some heat so it melts a little and it creates a good bond. Typically 60-65C for PLA and 60-70C for PETG.


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Have you tried to print a gun? :) I can't remember in which comedy I saw nerds use a 3d printed one. Was a funny movie :)
Years back I was watching youtube videos about how people 3D print even homes. But to be honest I expected this technology to be much more advanced by now. Don't see any breakthroughs anymore. But maybe I'm just not paying attention :) @tipu curate

actually I live in a country with strict gun controls, and 3D printing a gun is illegal, not even sure possession of the digital files is legal. Anyway I am struggling with moving parts at the moment, so a gun would be too challenging for me

Yeah true. Haven't thought about that. I guess you can do that only in USA.

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The subject fascinates me, but we have almost no experience. We recently visited a Maker Space in a library, where you can implement your own projects. We haven't yet had enough time for more than a bit of observation, a lot of amazement, and looking over people's shoulders at the software that is used there for modeling. But it is without question an exciting field! !invest_vote

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How about printing a HIVE token? Good luck.