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RE: My first impressions of the Oculus Quest 2 I got for Hivefest

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About twelve years ago I was playing a game on, and trolling people in the chat. I said, "Fuck your American beer."

The next day I tried to login and play some Madden online with the PC. They said my account was banned. Same thing with NHL. So I was confused, checked my email, and apparently was owned by EA; what I said in a pogo chat room got be banned everywhere else. Someone didn't like the fact I either didn't like American beer, or the part about using the f-word. Now the games I spent money on were near useless and my incredible record 207 wins 9 losses on NHL was destroyed.

So here we are, twelve years later, and if I'm not careful with how I think or what I say on Facebook, my devices will be disabled.

That's insane. Imagine one day in the future, your self driving car suddenly pulls over and stops on the side of the road because of something you said or shared online. The way society is headed, I don't think I require a tinfoil hat now in order to point out how connecting these things to a Facebook account is probably a terrible idea.


The problem is there isn’t a competitor that is close to the quality/price/experience and many don’t know and/or care of the Facebook risk. We are the minority here. That’s why I think a class action is needed.

Open Source it ALL!


Facebook & Google are like the Ring of Sauron. Too powerful and dangerous to be allowed to exist.

We are not alone in this.

Governments and regulators all around the world are after them now and are finally realising what I worked out 2.5 years ago - anti-trust is the weapon to destroy them or at least break them up.