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RE: We Must Crush Digital Misinformation Before It Destroys Society

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Just thinking about how product placement used to only be about, products. A box of Cheerios in the background. That led to earning a bit of money on the side. 'News' couldn't do that though, until they converted politics into a product of sorts. So there's a lot of money involved now. These 'News' outlets, mainstream and/or independent; they won't want to let go of that bottle until its finished. And when the people signing the laws are also signing the deals to get their message heard... man. That's a tough one.

Someone or some group needs to step up and begin reporting, without the nonsense and a no BS attitude, while making money doing it. That's tough because all 'news' today depends on established echo chambers/markets. It's all about telling people more of what they want to hear, based on previous tracked behavioral/consumption patterns. Most consumers don't even realize they're bordering on being in some kind of a cult when they're busy lapping this stuff up and passing it around; gathering new potential members.

Brainwash sells.

If someone can actually manage to make money with legitimate reporting, where consumers might be confronted with things they don't want to hear, then others will follow suit. Basically taking what happened with 'news' and going back the other way. I've seen groups pretend to do it. Their marketing goes straight to pointing at the other news outlets and turning them into a villain. Boogieman is established, division/market created. Then they go from there. Eliminate all that nonsense and get down to brass tacks. The money is what's in the way.

 7 months ago 

By separating the markets, based upon the truth of their content, then news outlets will only be competing among themselves which evens the paying field. They won't be competing from the entertainment players.