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My recent reply to someone's comment on my post...

Hey Guys!

As you can see from my STEM profile, I do not post much here. When I do, it is because I am reaching out to the community to ask for help, or ideas, or to show an accomplishment that I think you would like. This is another post with an idea that is "above my pay grade" so to speak, but it is so good, that I want to see someone develop it. So here you go. Imagine a "Facebook" with several different windows "feeds" and each one was a Hive app interface. Simple, right? Instead of only LEO showing LEO and 1UP showing only that, what if there was an interface with all of them? A new project window with scrolling new projects? Maybe a way to personalize the workspace? Game windows playing through so you can start a new Rising Star mission? For that, perhaps you could have a games tab, and a blog tag, an investment tab? Look, I am not a programmer, but as I said, it is such a good idea, and I love Hive so much, someone please do this! Imagine the growth!

As Always, Thank You For Reading!

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It doesn't have to be an interface.

I would love to create a single page that showed created posts with links to the canonical source of the page. The canonical source is the platform used to create the page.

It looks like you wrote this page with; so the canonical source is STEM geeks.

The page doesn't need to have a vote button. It simply needs to link to the canonical source.

I've started to create this page several times. After spending hundreds of hours reading the subpar documentation for HIVE, I have yet to query the stupid blockchain for recent posts.

Yeah, I was thinking more of an interactive overall access point, I guess. I have no idea how any of it works, I just know that somehow there are different "versions" of the basic Hive blockchain, that can then be developed into the various things we have, at least that is how I think it is.

That is not a bad idea but it is necessary to have carefull to not create a UI that is more confused ending up hindering more than helping.

That idea can be good but most part of the tribes likes to have they own frontend to try to monetize with pub and use that monetization to do buy backs in the market and burn tokens.

Right, I understand about the confusion thing, that is what I meant when I said maybe have it, customizable per user. So you could set up which front ends you wanted to see maybe?

I understand what you want to mean.

It will be something like Microsoft Visual Studio where every user can change the layout and decide what is visible in the application.

Yeah! That is about right. Then like I said, maybe have "tabs" for various things, games, etc... I don't know, I think if it were done right, it would be super good for growth. I wish I knew how to code...

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