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Nodes and Miners and I am lost, Oh My!

This will be a very simple post, as I am asking for help and nothing else. Could someone PLEASE give me the idiots 101 link to read about how to set up a node for the #HIVE ecosystem? I have been looking and I cannot find one from a noob point of view. I am not a noob, but I am not trying to read a lot that I do not need to know for HIVE specifically either. Someone please help!

Thank you!

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Maybe this?

You, old friend, are "The Man!" Thank you very much! Stay tuned for posts!


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There are no miners on Hive.
As for a node, are you looking at a Witness Node, or a RPC Node?

I mean, I would like to witness, but how does that work? What is the difference? See, I told you, 101 level, please?

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A witness node produces blocks for the chain and ensures everyone is running the same code. It requires votes by community members to rise up the ranks to increase how many blocks you are able to produce.

An RPC node helps make the network more resilient by offering additional nodes that apps can access when interacting with the chain.

I mean, I could probably run one of each. Is there investment for the witness one? Do you have to have a certain amount of HIVE?

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There is a certain level of hardware required. No Hive is required but you do require a lot of votes by the community.

Yeah, I figured that would be the case. Does the number of votes decide how much you are "allowed" to do? Or do you "prove" yourself by finding blocks or whatever, then get the votes? Do you understand what I am saying? Like which comes first, the hardware and speed, or the votes?

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Number of votes decides how far up on the witness list you are. The further up, the more often you create blocks.

You can see the witness list here:

People will vote witnesses they believe do a good job protecting the blockchain and have their best interests at heart.

Very cool! Thank you for the input! So someone that is invested across the platform and staked in everything he can would have a decent chance or no? Would it take years to get anywhere? I know there is a benefit to being a witness, but is there any benefit to running the RPC node other than helping the community in general? If you are far down the Witness chain, are those the guys that have not found blocks in years? I mean, that is a longgggggg time. Or are they people that stopped doing it?

Oh Jeez, that's on hell of a question! Hard to tell.. which once did you check already? !BEER cheers to your intentions.

I have poked around some. I am hoping to get a start in the right direction before I go learning a bunch I do not need to really...

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Very Cool! #HIVEGC

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