Loose Vagina Myth: Taking the Science a Bit Further

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Does having too much sex or having sex with men with bigger tools make the vagina loose and wider? Luckily for us the answer is counterintuitive. It sounded like common sense that since the vagina is elastic too much of the stretching that comes from sex can make it become loose/weaker and many people hold this misconception strongly.

Like I said, phew! We missed one there, luckily for us it doesn't work that way, gynaecologists and experts have explained times without number that after stretching during sex and childbirth the vagina usually returns to it's normal size. The same way some men have big penises and some others have small penises is the same way some women have wider vaginas and others have narrower vaginas; people shouldn't look at wider vaginas as vaginas that have undergone too much intercourse.

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Even after all the experts have explained I've met so many people who still doubt that it is so, wear and tear from stretch is so intuitive that they can't except a different case. I make this post because I met a strong argument against the position experts hold on this matter. But this argument ceased to be strong after I rolled it over and over in my head for a while.

The Argument

Some guy made a post where he talked about how common sense it was that something elastic gets loose due to too much use. He said experts are against his opinion but he thinks experts are wrong on this one because he has had sex with a girls before only to have sex with them again some years later and their vagina was wider than previously.

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This argument was really weighty because I have experienced the same thing too like this gentleman. I felt sad that I have now encountered an argument that proved that what scientists say on this matter was wrong. How was I going to continue encouraging girls to have as much sex as they want and be free like their male counterpart when sex reduces the quality of their feline unlike their male counterpart? I feared that society may have been right to give women less sexual freedom as this was kind of a justifiable reason.

Butt then I turned it over in my head..

The Resolution

The resolution is very simple. After a while of thinking it hit me! I remembered my own penis, the size of my penis increased over the years. I remember how it was in 2014 and that by 2020 it was changed man, bigger and different from how it was few years ago. What does that tell you? Our organs grow!

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So if you met a girl and then meet her again after some years and her vagina was not as tight as the first time it doesn't mean it got loose because of too much sex, it simply means as years passed it grew just like many other parts of her body and just like your penis. Our body parts keep growing till they reach the size they were destined to be by our genes, so if her vagina was tighter years ago be grateful you got to hit at a good stage and accept that it has increased over the years on it's road to the size destined by her genes, don't think it's due to over use because thats a misconception according to science.

PS: all the articles and stuff I read on this matter didn't contain this resolution I came up with, it's a breakthrough resolution that should be contained in every article debunking the myth because that seemingly strong argument against the science that I resolved can sway a lot of people.


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And you nailed it. Now, you are encouraging me to have as much sex as I want right? 😁

I take it you're a girl. Of course have as much sex as you want. Females are usually looked down on when they have a lot of sex, unlike males, males are even praised for it. This is oppressive and is a legacy of old cultures that treated women as property, the more a property is being used the less value it is deemed to have.

So right now women like you should kick against this and tell anyone who tries to oppress you that you're free to have as much sex as you want and society should do away with their errant views on the matter. Sex is for enjoyment just like food and swimming, etc. All a person needs is to be responsible, have safe sex and proper family planning.