Having Actual Sex Through Virtual Reality

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Like many movie lovers out there I watched and liked the movies Ready Player One (2018) and Free Guy (2021). You know, those Virtual Reality (VR) themed movies. After watching these movies and continuously learning more stuff about VR and the Metaverse, if you know me you know my dirty creative mind was sure to wander.

I started thinking, "yo, why don't I build a team to start up a VR sex platform?" I already know a thing or two about 3D modelling and stuff, why don't I learn VR, get some funding and people and invent this VR sex thing? This thing where one can put on a virtual reality headset and a virtual reality suit sensitive to touch.

They can wear the suit on their private parts and sensitive areas and then connect with their sex partner anywhere in the world and the movements and touches their partners make would be felt by them through the suit. These suits would be equipped with a skin/surface that can feel like a tongue and human skin and there would be some juice in it so it can get wet too everytime the partner uses saliva or other moist.

It sounded like a very brilliant idea to me! And for months I've been meaning to write about this and start trying to get support to make this come true. But as a creative genius of the 21st Century that I am I have come up with great ideas so many times only to look at the internet for whether someone has done it before and sure enough someone has!

While you praise great inventors and gave changers like Thomas Edison, Tesla, etc maybe you shouldn't wonder much about what the world would have been like if they were not born because someone else would have most probably invented what they did if they weren't born. Guys like me, for example, would have invented em. (Well, fuck, no humility in me anymore? What am I turning into, help!)

Alright, I'm telling you, I was able to fight off procrastination at last and settled down to write but just as I was about to I asked myself why I thought no one else has come up with this idea before? So I ran off to Google to check and surely, there it was, someone else had come up with this idea!

Here's a link to their site: [Kiiro)[https://www.kiiroo.com/products/titan-experience?ref=f616ea48fb35cdaea65de594c7d718798297cff5). Not only did they come up with the idea, they are done with production and launch and they're already running, already in business. Wtf, guys! This is real already! Here's a description of their stuff from futurism.com in an article titled:
Ready or Not, Inexpensive VR Sex Is Going Mainstream.

Titan by KIIROO is a virtual reality headset and vibrating stroker that boasts an unparalleled sexual experience. Not only can the device work in sync with adult videos that are viewed through the headset, but it can also be controlled by an actual human partner form anywhere in the world.

The Titan is equipped with touch-sensitive vibration technology built into nine bullet-shaped vibrators distributed across its special “real-feel” sleeve. The end result is an experience that has no parallel in the world of adult entertainment. It’s like something out of a special X-rated director’s cut of Ready Player One, and you’re "Player One."

The KIIROO Titan’s app is all about connectivity. As mentioned above, it can link up with another device, allowing the user to feel everything their partner does by way of synchronized vibrations that adjust for speed and intensity. That sort of connection (in both senses of the word) is a massive evolutionary leap forward in the field of VR sex. But it’s not the only way for you to experience the Titan’s incredible interactivity features.

There are currently thousands of VR videos out there with vibration patterns programmed to work in sync with the Titan, with more titles being added all the time. Without getting into graphic detail, it's safe to say that the implications of this technology will completely change the way people watch adult videos. In fact, “watch” isn't even an adequate word for what we're describing.

Here are their stuffs:


My fucking God!!

These guys even went a step further and made the technology able to react to porn and not just a partner from anywhere in the world. Damn. But surely I would have thought of that with time, you know 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚.

Anyways, damn. The future is here already, folks. It was here yesterday, we just weren't keeping up. There are also a number of similar projects out there apart from these. With time things like these should be mainstream. What a time to be alive, people. What a time to be alive.


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I bet it was your invention that these fan time Travelers came back and stole and address now passing off as theirs!!

Oh shit! I never thought of it like that 😭😭🙆🏿‍♂️.
And I have my wallet address everywhere, to think these guys have never for once thought of sending some of the profits my way!

Miserable bastarts that's what they are!!


Wow this is a very interesting idea, but I don't know if I would be a user!! lol

Well, it's definitely worth a try, if you ask me. Not to replace the real thing but it's definitely going to have a flavour of it's own that a person needs to occasionally taste and have around.