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Hello Hiveans! Here is @Cre47iv3 again at @Nerdboard.

This time i'll bring you a powerful tool. Once upon a time when the internet was full of Live OS´s versions. Not only linux, but there was some modified versions of Windows (unofficial, of course)

In pursuit of new versions to play with, i'll put my hands on this. A portable version of windows Xp ultra light and full with cracked programs. Just beauty!


From that I started downloading and testing almost every new released version of this.


But now times are different. You can't make a bootable version of windows 10.

Or can we?

Yes! Definitely yes! Not only a bootable windows 10. Tons of preinstaled top tier software. Click&Use Download this golden SO from here

I wont do a detailed preview of all the apps, there are just too many to cover. You wont read that and i won't write them. What i'm actually going to do is write about the most essential uses of this Live CD.

But first: Download Rufus from here Rufus is a software for converting any BOOTABLE iso into a USB Bootable. You can find a installable and portable version i always choose portable.

After download we have to use that ISO file to create a Bootable USB. For that purpose we can use a free software called Rufus. You must know this program and add it to your personal library.


It's pretty easy to use: On Device (first option) you should select the Pendrive you are going to FORMAT (CAUTION, YOU ARE GOING TO DELETE ALL THE DATA FROM THAT STORAGE)

On boot selection you just scroll and look after “hirens boot cd” Then leave everything else as default. You can change the Volume Label in order to recognize what's in. Hitting Start Button the process would start and can take from 14 to 30min depending on your system speed.

That's all about creating the Bootable USB. Now you can initialize your live windows from there by rebooting your computer and going to the Boot selection (usually F8 or F12 sometimes F11)


Now this is the platform running, fast and clean.


Many pieces are removed from the standard version of Win 10. Naturally running from a usb stick is way slower than a standard HDD or SSD, but it runs smoothly and works perfectly.

This is a rescue environment, when you have some problem booting you windows, here there are many tricks that can restore your windows, or at least save all your files to an external storage. It's highly recommended to always have a pendrive dedicated to this.


Check fisical Disk Status


First of all, if we are saving data from a broken OS there is the slight chance that your HDD is failing. And you want to know that because you can't save your data on a dying storage. With these apps you can test, and sometimes even repair your hard disk in a few simple clicks.


Corrupted partition and damaged Disk Tools


In case that you cant browse your data on the windows explorer. Its because your disk is damaged or your partition its corrupt or RAW. In that case, you are screwed.

However there is a little chance of recover your data with some forensic software like this. A suite dedicated to analyze your partition in order to recover your files. Results depend on the damage your HDD get, or on how many clusters get rewrited after an accidental format.

Of course there are so many other ways to using this! But this post cover the most common problems.



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