How Is The Fire Prevention System In Buildings

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Fire prevention system in building and how to overcome it. Keeping in mind this is very important in the building and also the impact is very bad for humans and also the surrounding environment. So to avoid a fire in a building, we need a fire prevention system. Because fires can result in losses in the form of loss of life, property, disruption of production processes of goods and services, and fires also caused adverse impacts on the surrounding environment.

Fire Prevention Systems

Fire prevention system to function properly as long as something is done on the building requirements of the namely by grouping buildings, according to the provisions of the main structure to fire, can be divided into several types A, B, and C.
  • Type A
    The main structure must be resistant to fire for at least 3 hours. Type A building is usually a commercial building, such as offices, hotels, apartemen, hospitals, industrial buildings, museums.
  • Type B
    Type B main structure must also be fire resistant for at least 2 hours. And for Buildings B type, such as dormitory buildings, schools, multi-storey housing and places of worship.
  • Type C
    For C-type building, with the fire resistance of the main structure for an hour, usually for simple buildings

Environmental arrangements with provisions covering block arrangements with ease of achievement. The height of the building, the distance of the building and the completeness of the environment. It also includes the arrangement of effective spaces, circulation spaces, proper ladder placement with the fire door. For a complex of residential buildings should be considered alley to cope with fires, this is to facilitate the officers who overcome the fire disaster. Also must be prepared hydrants that can reach all the residential buildings.

There are several requirements to prevent fire hazards in the building or housing complex, namely:

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  • Having a main structure and finishing materials are fireproof.
  • Have clearances with adjacent buildings or to the environment.
  • The placement of a fire ladder in accordance with the requirements of the requirements.
  • Having a prevention against electrical system.
  • Have precautions against lightning protection system.
  • Has a control device for ducting in air conditioning systems.
  • Have detection system with alarm system, automatic smoke and heat ventilation system.
  • Have control of elevator
  • Communication with command station for fire extinguishing systems.

Fire Prevention Device

In an effort to extinguish the fire must be kept in mind in addition to the fire as the main factor to be extinguished, Smoke also must be considered because the smoke is the next factor that must be addressed immediately. To prevent the flow of smoke anywhere, a tool is needed to overcome it, such as fire damper, smoke and heat ventilation, vent and exhaust.

  • Fire damper
    This tool functions to shut down the air flow ducting pipe so that smoke and fire did not spread anywhere where. This tool works automatically, if there is a fire would be immediately shut down the pipe.
  • Smoke and heat ventilation
    This tool is installed on the area of the area that connects the outside air. In case of fire, the smoke immediately can flow out. So that firefighters will be spared from the fumes.
  • Vent and exhaust
    This tool is installed in a special place such as on fire stairs.
  • Fire Hydrants
    Fire hydrant is a means to extinguish the fire that has happened, this tool uses water raw tool. Hydrant also has two types namely:
    Fire hydrants inside the building and Fire hydrant in the yard.


So this system should be considered as well as possible and also for how to cope with fire hazard. can be applied to the distance between the buildings must meet the requirements, and for high-rise buildings, in addition to the use of materials that are tailored to the requirements of fire danger also for corridor corridor should end on a fire ladder. And also the exit to the fire stairs must be straight to the open space.

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