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RE: Building a new Ryzen 7 rig

in STEMGeeks6 months ago

What I find reassuringly comforting is that after probably 20+ years and despite the huge advances in computing power and raw speed that the de facto, go to heat sink compound is still Artic Silver! It must be the oldest thing in the PC!

I'll look forward to seeing your numbers when you get it up and running .

Happy new year :-)


Hah right? I have been using the stuff for almost 20 years. Something I always stuck with and seems to pay off. You just never know whats in the compounds that they ship you with the heatsink.

Hehe yeah my Artic Silver is at least 10 years old, but seems to be just fine and works great. I have also used to artic silver epoxy to attaching copper RAM sinks. Works great too.

Its hashrate clocked in at 9.13 KH/s making it my most powerful rig.