Reuse, Repair and Recycle

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The better half calls me a pack rat. :) I just have a problem throwing out technology related stuff that I might be able to reuse, someday. Here is a perfect example, I had a computer power supply die a number of months back. I bought a new better power supply for the computer in which the PS died. Here is what I did today, I removed the fan from the bad PS and soldered the connector from the PS in which the fan was screaming.


In this second photograph you see the reused fan installed into the working PS, in the background you can see the PS the fan came out of. Still lots of parts to reuse.


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Hahaha. I had the same problem with my family. I was constantly amassing computers, and they wouldn't understand because to them they're "old, and useless".
Particularly after I discovered Linux, I saw more value in a lot of computers people didn't want.
My ex was an enabler of my habit though. She worked for a company that designed fancy kitchens/bars for hotels/restaurants/resorts. They had a contract with Dell, and would just throw away perfectly good workstations that were 3-4 grand when they were new. So she asked if I could have them. I got several Dell Precisions with Xeon CPU's, 2 Nvidia Quadro GPU's, and a Radeon FirePro GPU. And one of them had 16GB of ram.
This Dell Precision has been my main computer for over 4 years now, and I would have been lost without it.

But I have boxes of fans, cpus, gpus, ram. I even have a 2005 Phillips Cable/TV-Capture Card somewhere. If in a pinch I could build a computer.
More recently I've been obsessed with getting the small single-board computers because they make excellent servers with low power consumption.

It is difficult to dispose of electronic parts, at some point you end up needing them, they are a gold mine.

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It must be fun playing around with stuff - reuseing, rebuilding, making, creating new things out of old. I wish I have the tech know how, and the handiness for it. Cheers! 😊