Rebuilding Raspibot: Hardware assembled for testing

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I have mounted the continuous servo motors to the frame and wheels, as well as mounted the Raspberry Pi and Crickit to the frame.


I have also mounted the pan-tilt unit with the Raspberry Pi camera to the frame. I then used Python to issue commands to test that the servo's are properly connected. I then set the pan servo to 90" and realigned the pan-tilt unit to be facing as close to forward as I could get it.

The following is a picture captured from the camera on Raspibot, Please forgive the messy workbench.


I am currently doing a runtime test to see how long this battery might last.


It has been running about 30 minutes with minimal servo usage and looks to be about 50% used, so when the lockdown is over I will look into getting a larger 2S battery for longer runtimes especially when running the drive motors.

For now I can switch to writing some Python code to make it move around.

I am connecting to the Raspberry Pi using the builtin WiFi and a SSH terminal session.

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