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RE: Raspberry Pi(e) - an inedible but intriguing little robot

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I currently own 13 Raspberry Pi computers, I started with the first model 1 in 2012. I use a couple to monitor and log various temperature sensors inside and outside my house. I have created a Raspberry Pi Community where I post about a robot I am building with a Raspberry Pi. I have been sidetracked lately trying to run digital mode communication with one of my rpi's connected to my Ham Radio. I have created a Ham Radio Community for my Ham Radio projects.

I use the default Raspberry Pi OS (debian based linux) in all of my rpi's. I have been a Linux user for 20 years.

The Raspberry Pi 400 is a Model 4 with 4GB Ram all built into a keyboard. If you get the kit all you need to add would be a HDMI monitor or TV for a display.


13! Impressive. I‘m stil waiting for the person who replies, telling me they have 3.14 of them ;<)

Sensing the feedback on my post so far, I get the idea that many Raspberry Pi owners have these machines to use as little robots with a specific function, cool!

I am indeed considering the 400 with an added monitor. I never used anything but Windows before ( unless you count MS-DOS and some dabbling in Visual Basic and Turbo Pascal, ages ago ), but I‘m ready for the next stop.

Gave you and your communities a follow and will keep a ( Commander ) keen eye on them.

Enjoy your day!