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Well the company I work for is thinking about a cloud-hosted PBX as our current POTS system is getting long in the tooth😁. As the new IT admin, I may be involved in the decision. I do wonder about your statement with regards to better value from data expenditure. Our data usage has increased quite a lot due to video calling and wonder about data requirements of adding VOIP on top of that.


Yes, the video will add to the bandwidth usage but that will happen with or without adding VoIP. As you may know, it will become very important to ensure QoS is implemented and a policy for QoS is in place to manage that traffic appropriately on the network.
Thank you for your sharing and hope you continue to stop by and share your experience and insights. They are very welcome.

I was concerned with how much data would increase to support the addition of the VOIP lines, not the video which we are already dealing with.

A valid concern. You should be able to get an estimated idea from an audit of your POTS line usage.