Putting first kit build to use

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Been a couple days since I finished the first kit, in the this post I will show how I am using the 6 position dc power distribution kit I finished last week. First I replaced the end of the power cable from my Yaesu FT-575 25Amp power supply with some power pole connectors:


In this second picture you can see how I connected my Yaesu FT-817ND radio thru the 6 position dc power distribution board to the Yaesu FT-575 power supply:


Now time to get working on building kit two.

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What's the 3.5mm plug for?

There is a speaker inside the front of the power supply.

I see! Makes sense 😊 Will you be utilising the speaker in this build for anything. What is it that you're making...? 🤔

I will not be using the speaker as I use headphones for listening. The next kit build is a power/SWR display with a dummy load.

Freaking awesome. Love it! Keep it coming. Monday my youngest and I start working on figuring out antenna placement and cable runs.

What kind of antenna do you have, if you look back:
These show the UNUN and EFHW antenna I built and installed myself.

We went with two for now so he can talk on the UHF and VHF bands he is approved for.

UAYESOK UHF Ham Amateur Base Station Antenna Tunable GMRS Vertical Base Antenna 70cm 390-470MHZ 100W

Tram-browning 1487 VHF Land Mobile Base Antenna, Freq range: 134MHz–184MHz
4.5dBd gain


Hey, can I ask if you used any front end to edit your account JSON metadata or you broadcasted it manually?

I used a online page tool. It is not a front end, I will have to dig around an see if I can remember which one.

HUmmm, I know a few, just wanted to understand if it have been a "formatted" UI where you put data entries on the fields already for a specific purpose (with behind the scenes correct entries for the JSON) or something you manually wrote (JSON) and broadcasted. The reason is because I found it quite nice under something like what @ausbit.dev does at https://hive.ausbit.dev/, but I am looking to understand if more people are agreeing with those or that's just "custom".

It was some kind of UI, I am not good enough to craft JSON and transmit it to blockchain. Maybe someday. 🙂


But you are good at radios stuff I can see that! =)

Thanks for the time to answer. !ENGAGE 50

!BEER or !WINE whichever you prefer and some cool !PIZZA :P

One day I will manage to write a sentence just with bot/token commands. LOLOLOL

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