Pi Day 3.14 Win

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So I saw a draw for a Raspberry Pi giveaway to celebrate Pi Day 2021. They were giving away 314 raspberry pi computers. @rishi556 once told me if you do not enter you will never win, so I thought why not. Yes I already have 13 Raspberry Pi computers I am always drooling over the newer models.

After about 6 weeks, I thought well I did not win this time, but came home from work and found the following waiting for me.


I was just expecting a board, but they sent me a full Raspberry Pi Kit:


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Yes I already have 13 Raspberry Pi computers I am always drooling over the newer models.

Me and my 2(technically one because I don't know where exactly the other one is) are jealous. Haha, I make very good use out of the one that I have at home though.

My youngest plays around with Arduino a lot. I’m not too familiar with Raspberry, but assuming it’s similar?

The Arduino is a microcontroller which is great for single task processing. The Raspberry Pi is a full microcomputer and current models can actually be used as a desktop replacement. The primary OS is Linux based.

Here are a couple articles comparing them:

Sweet! I’ll check these out. Geeking out on some ham radio shopping with him right now😀

I have a community Ham Radio Community
Just basic no tokens.

Thanks much appreciated!

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