Kit build session 2

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Here are the pictures of my second building session on the 6-position-dc-power-distribution-kit

This is a picture with my soldering iron, I have replaced the small tip with a much larger tip. I had problems with soldering the fuse holders as all the copper on the board was sucking the heat from the iron making hard to get a proper joint. With the bigger tip it was much better soldering the power pole connectors to the board:


This picture shows the bottom on the board after soldering all the power pole connectors:


This is the finished build of the board mounted in the 3D printed case supplied with the kit:


So the next session will be a different project.

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Now I am able to connect the dots and you share it all step by step that made it easy to understand. good one

I need to share this with my son. I am sure he will want to start buoldming this soon. He has his first rig and power supply coming today.