Improved Ham Shack layout

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New layout of my Ham Shack.

So after building the new power pole distribution board it was time to get the Ham Shack layout redone. As you can see I put in a short shelf to have the Kenwood TS-440 and associated power supply under the monitors. I then put the Yaesu FT-817 HF/VHF rig on the shelf as well as the antenna switch. I am currently using the switch backwards and using it to switch the two transceivers between the single antenna. the top shelf contains the Raspberry Pi (red/white) which is currently connected to the FT-817 for digital radio modes.

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Always wanted to get into that but never had the time. And do I spy not one, but TWO (working) G5's?

Actually there are three G5 cases, one in the middle behind the monitors. I had gutted two of them in the past but could not discard those awesome cases. The third one is operational, but being it still has a power PC chip it is not very useful any more.

Nice setup! I am loving the triple monitor setup myself! !BEER

The two on the bottom are connect to a Linux workstation and the one up top is connected to the Raspberry Pi.

I'll have to show my son @puffdaddy5488 your setup. He is really getting into being a HAM. Looking at your posts since I have been away it looks like you have been real busy.

Sent you a tip for this post since it was after the 7 day limit.

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