Field Day 2022

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I am taking part in my first Ham Radio Field Day.
Check out for more details about field day in North America.
Here is a picture of my operating station. Low power 4 watts digital FT8 on 40M.


Running fully off grid on battery power.

I will post some more detailed posts about my setup over the next week when I get back to a better internet connection.

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That looks like an awesome set up! :) I look forward to your posts and how it all went :)


Great idea running off grid, I hope the battery power isn’t too expensive.well done man

Field day is a emergency preparedness exercise run every year. I was able to run completely from battery, some stations at the club ran from generator power.

That’s so smart of you. Generator power might be unpredictable at times.

 5 months ago 

Didn't know that was a thing.

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