Whistleblower Testifies to Congress about Twitter Security Flaws

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Peiter "Mudge" Zatko, former CISO of Twitter and now whistleblower, was explicit as he testified to Congress about Twitter Security Flaws. Mudge outright accused Twitter executives of misleading the government, users, and shareholders regarding the company's security practices and placing profit before security.

The testimony brings up several great strategic points for all consumers and executives when it comes to cybersecurity and privacy.

This is just the beginning, with legal suits now coming out. Twitter has some tough choices ahead.

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Mudge paints an ugly picture of Twitter management!

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 6 months ago 

It's no wonder some high-profile accounts got "hacked".

I remember during one hack instance, low-level BTC scams were used. Those seemed relatively tame, but the implications of a potential catastrophe were swept under the rug.

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