What’s Broken with M&A Cybersecurity

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Cybersecurity for Mergers and Acquisitions is a mess. There are a surprising number of significant unforeseen risks that can wreak havoc on M&A deals. In this week’s fireside chat, I am joined by Justin Daniels, General Counsel/Cybersecurity/Data Protection SME at Baker Donelson, and Alex Rayter, Principal at Phoenix 2.0 Inc, to discuss the due diligence, risks, and recommendations to better understand and manage the challenges.

I spent several years involved with Intel Corp. M&A projects, led the cybersecurity team, and built the processes to evaluate and manage cyber risks. Justin and Alex are currently working to help clients understand the challenges and deal with the repercussions. In our chat, we share our insights, experiences and provide insights to how acquiring companies should carefully maneuver.

Let us know your experiences and if your organization is taking cybersecurity seriously when dealing with mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.

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Big business deals can bring big problems!

There are several deals i have seen not materializing due to the weak security of the target firm. In some cases cyber insurance has also been mandated by the acquiring companies

 5 months ago 

Cybersecurity issues can undermine deals in so many ways. I caution organizations in relying too much on cyber-insurance, as it is not a panacea. Major gaps will remain that can tear apart the acquiring company.

hello @mrosenquist,
in an era where data is money companies must leave the old models of thinking and understand that security is a necessity nowadays, I really like these topics so I will follow it on youtube, thanks for the information.

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