Top 10 Things the Industry Can Do Now to Mitigate Digital Supply-Chain Attacks!

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The SolarWinds and Exchange supply-chain attacks have highlighted how vulnerable 3rd party and vendor security is for every organization.

The industry must fundamentally change to manage the growing risks and it will take time. There are some steps we make to greatly improve the situation in the short-term.

There are steps we can make to greatly improve the situation in the short term to mitigate these types of menacing attacks.

In today's video, I cover the Top 10 things we can do NOW to greatly mitigate supply-chain attacks. For every organization out there, vendors, supplier and customers, I suggest to apply what you can.

Let me know in the comments section if you agree/disagree or if I missed anything!

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Supply-chain attacks impacts everyone. They are becoming a huge problem!

Yeah i remember how national security infrastructures were exposed in the whitehouse attacks. Third party security is really a growing concerns for big financial institutions as well