The Problem of Banning Offensive Technology Sales

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I like the concept of ‘banning’ the sale of offensive cyber weapons to potential adversaries, but what defines technology as offensive versus defensive?

Israel just announced it will ban the sales of hacking and surveillance tools to 65 countries:

Tech is just a tool. It is how you use it, that will determine if it is offensive or defensive.

Is a vulnerability scanner offensive? Sure, attackers can use it to find weaknesses to exploit in their targets. However, in the hands of the cybersecurity team, it is used to identify vulnerable systems that need to be patched, thereby improving security.

Perhaps, such bans should apply to all digital technology. If you don’t trust how potential customers may use a tool, you shouldn’t be selling them anything. But in doing so, you limit the prosperity, influence, and value of your own organizations.

Finding a practical balance is very difficult. Not sure any country has it figured out, but it is something that needs to be done.

Cyberethics must play a more prominent role in our global digital ecosystem!

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Any tool in the hands of someone evil, becomes a weapon.

Hi, @mrosenquist a point of much discussion. You already point it out in your post, what is or, is not? this type of technology. Many arguments there are of its end use, but what is certain is that it is made up or structured by advances that are not offensive. Thank you, your post caught my attention.

 last year 

Banning technology to potential abusing countries is great in concept, but difficult in practice!
Glad it caught your attention! Thanks for your comment.