The Cybersecurity Vault - The Silent War on Digital Privacy with Andy Brown

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The Cybersecurity Vault, Episode 1  —  With the growing influx of sharable personal data and the power it holds in the lives of consumers and companies alike, is it possible to create a digital space that exchanges and protects data while still holding true to values of equity, privacy and accountability? Andy Brown, CEO at Sand Hill East, joins us this week in our quest to answer this question and unpack the potential for good that powerful new digital tools pose along with the dangers of their misuse.

Andy shares his tremendous insights on innovative technology and the biggest problems that the business world is trying to solve around the value and importance of digital data. There are privacy, safety, security, and accountability challenges that industries like healthcare, finance, and technology services organizations must overcome!

Consumers can benefit from digital innovation or they can be victims.

The Cybersecurity Vault — a straight talk video podcast tackling today’s biggest cyber security challenges and solutions, hosted by Eclipz CISO & cyber security influencer, Matthew Rosenquist.

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Great insights. It is scary how healthcare data could be misused.