The Cybersecurity Vault - Rohit Parchuri on the Challenges of Securing Future Healthcare

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The Cybersecurity Vault — Episode 2 — The risks and opportunities of securing data are shifting rapidly for the healthcare industry. Rohit Parchuri who serves as the CISO for Collective Health Security, discuses the rapidly changing challenges in healthcare that will affect every American.

The Cybersecurity Vault — a straight talk video podcast tackling today’s biggest cyber security challenges and solutions, hosted by Eclipz CISO & cyber security influencer, Matthew Rosenquist.

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We all need our healthcare records kept secure, yet accessible when needed!

 3 months ago 

Especially that moment when you roll into an emergency room but can't tell the doctors what allergies you have or what meds you are currently on. Proper medical records can save lives (or take them).