Ransomware Explained - Understanding the Attackers

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Understanding the attackers is the first step in identifying an effective, efficient, and sustainable paths to mitigating the risks of ransomware.

The root cause of ransomware resides with the people behind the attacks. Recognizing threat agent’s motivations, objectives, and capabilities provides necessary insights to what they will target and the likely methods they will employ to attack victims. Knowing the enemy can present great opportunities undermine, protect and respond to attacks.

This video is the latest installment of a multi-part series on Ransomware. The series is free on the Cybersecurity Insights YouTube Channel.

Industry, business, and government professionals must share, learn, and collaborate to grow our ability to defend against evolving cyberthreats.

We must work together to determine how best to understand and defeat ransomware.

I urge everyone to subscribe and watch all the videos for strategic insights that fuel the ransomware events unfolding in the news and impacting us all.

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Cybercriminals and nation states! Great. Don't like that combination!