Ransomware Explained - Increasing Costs and Impact

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Ransomware risks are skyrocketing with increasing costs, more attacks, and greater impacts that are expanding to affect everyone!

It is a growing threat to organizations and national critical infrastructures connected to the Internet. Ransomware puts in jeopardy all the products, services, and basic functions that citizens depend upon every day. It can and will eventually impact everyone.

This is the first in a series of videos on Ransomware. I cover the growth, costs, critical impacts, and why paying ransoms is such a bad idea.

The ransomware menace will get much worse unless we collectively gain a better understanding of the threat and how to address the problem collectively.

The Ransomware Explained video series will help shed light on the strategic aspects of this criminal activity and will spur interesting discussions!

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Ransomware is growing so quickly and starting to take down important services and industries. It must be stopped.

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So...how does the world disincentivize such criminal activity?

Although, part of me is not unamused by the karma potential of attackers ending up hurting everyone they care about for scalping a few bucks.

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Separate the attacker from their objective that satisfies their motivation.

Remove the money and there is less motivation for robbers. That is why convenience stores began using time-locked safes, to remove the money from the cash register. It made a huge difference.