Ransomware Explained - Ending Ransomware

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Stopping ransomware from being an impactful menace is the grand goal, but what are the specific criteria for success we should be striving for? Without clear objectives, we are often consumed with trivial aspects and never attain the desired end-state.

Let’s stop thrashing with tactical actions that won’t deliver our goal.

In today’s video I take a shot at clearly defining the success criteria so we can properly evaluate our strategic options and determine how best to end ransomware!

Success Criteria for Ending Ransomware

Let me know if you agree of if I have missed anything!

This video is the latest installment of a multi-part series on Ransomware. The series is available on the Cybersecurity Insights YouTube Channel.

We must all communicate and collaborate to determine how best to understand and defeat ransomware.

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Comprehensive analysis on what needs to happen to really end ransomware!