More Supply-Chain Cyberattacks are in the Wind

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It appears France is the main victim for this recent attack which has several uncanny similarities to the SolarWinds exploitation that exposed thousands of U.S. government agencies, critical infrastructure organizations, and major businesses. Let me be absolutely clear (again), that these attacks have been active for years and will continue to increase in pace, scope, and boldness! According to the French cybersecurity agency Agence Nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d’information (ANSSI), this attack may have begun back in 2017.

Every active nation-state offensive cyber team is working to establish footholds in adversaries by going through supply chain solutions. The success exemplified by the SolarWinds attacks has proven to nations that undermining technology supplier’s products and services is a tremendously powerful means of gaining access to many sensitive systems within a targeted nation. This will become a foundational element for digital spy craft in the future.

I have already posted several Cybersecurity Insights videos (YouTube channel) on the topic, will be speaking at the upcoming HMG CISO conference about the long-term ramifications, and will continue to post my thoughts on this growing threat that is not going away! This is the moment organizations either begin to adapt or eventually become prey. Know the risks.

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France joins the club (that nobody wants to be in)


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