Missing the Big Picture from the SolarWinds Hack

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The cybersecurity industry is consumed with scale and effectiveness of one of the biggest hacks in recent memory. The emerging narrative and stories are missing important pieces of the puzzle. The attackers, likely a nation-state, gained unprecedented access to the U.S. government, military, critical infrastructure, and most major businesses.

The full scope and reasons are not clear, but it is imperative to figure out. The mystery must be solved, for the benefit of everyone, so we can prepare for what is next.

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That is bad news. That hack could have been going on for months!

 10 months ago 

It probably has been ongoing for some time.

 10 months ago 

A few month ago, you talked about whether the government should protect the internet.

(It's this post here for context.)

It looks like the US is having a little issue protecting itself.

The "attack" feels like a proof-of-concept. That it is possible to do so without being detected until it is too late. And like you said, the intent and endgame is unclear. I'm a bit of afraid to find out.

 10 months ago 

They are having a very tough time! This hack is huge. But to be fair, the attackers are world class. Still, not looking good for U.S. agencies, businesses, and infrastructure organizations.

 10 months ago 

I wonder if American government is doing the same thing to them.

 10 months ago 

I would expect they are. That is why we have intelligence agencies.