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Technology leadership is crucial to how the world lives, works, communicates, and innovates. As Global Leaders Today magazine features tech leaders in its latest issue, I am happy to see they included cybersecurity in the mix. It may not be as sexy as building flying cars, revolutionizing artificial intelligence, launching rockets to colonize space, or developing the next-generation life-saving medicine, but cybersecurity does have a role to protect and enable all the great digital innovations of our future.

I am honored to be featured in the Jul-Sep 2022 issue. Technology is a powerful driving force and leadership makes that journey possible at speed and scale. We all have a role to play. Mine is in cybersecurity, to manage the risks of digital security, privacy, ethics, and safety.

Here is the link to my feature on the magazine: https://globalleaderstoday.online/pioneering-the-cyber-security-revolution/

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Big congrats. Nice feature article!

Congratulations for being featured. That's really amazing! In addition, I agree with you. Cybersecurity is very important in this fully connected era, and should not be underestimated.




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