Chaining Exploits are Taking Vulnerabilities to a New Level

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Cyberattacks are leaping ahead in sophistication and the industry is not prepared.

As an example, Google Project Zero team recently detected attackers that exploited a combination of seven previously unknown vulnerabilities (0-days) to hack fully patched Windows, Android, and IOS

In this week’s video I cover the rapid advances of attackers, the strategic implications, and some areas in which the industry must adapt.

The cybersecurity industry must actively keep pace with the advancing capability of attackers.

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Eleven 0-day vulnerabilities! How is that even possible?

There could be multiple hackers in your system right now, without you knowing! If a zero days exploit is used, the criminal (or three letter government agency) would like to stay there as long as possible, they accomplish this by stealing as little amount of info/money that you dont notice. The moment you notice something is wrong, its game over for them.

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The stealth possibilities of 0-Day exploits make them very dangerous!