2022 in Retrospect

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The last 12 months have been interesting! Now is the time for reflection.
Looking back on 2022, here are my highlights:

1. Donated a kidney

2. Resumed travel for speaking engagements, my favorite for the year was speaking at the SPHERE22 event in Helsinki (Finland is awesome!)

3. Published my first LinkedIn Learning course: 5 Biggest Mistakes of Cybersecurity Programs

4. Had the pleasure of talking to brilliant colleagues and published 33 new video podcasts on the Cybersecurity Insights and Cybersecurity Vault channels

5. Authored blogs, articles, and opinion papers - including one on Six Scenarios How Russia May Use Nukes )

6. Took on more Advisory Board roles, advising new clients, and collaborating with industry experts on new cybersecurity risks

7. Received a number of awards for cybersecurity thought-leadership and my first magazine cover

8. Conducted immense amounts of research on emerging threats, geopolitical cybersecurity issues, and what needs to become our industry best practices

9. Most importantly, I was able to spend quality time with my children, wife, and close friends. Work-Life balance is a priority!

To my colleagues: I hope you all had a great year, took care of yourself, spent time with those you love, and worked to make the world a better place!

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Congrats! Wow - you donated a kidney!