2 Biggest Factors Driving the Future of Cybersecurity

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Cybersecurity can appear random and chaotic, but there are basic fundamentals that drive the course of cyberattacks.

In today’s video, I dive into the two biggest factors that shape cybersecurity risks, attacks, and what drives the direction of the security industry.

Understanding the basic underpinnings provides insights into where the next attacks will focus and what will be targeted. They highlight the importance of understanding the people behind the attacks and the opportunities they pursue.

Thanks for watching. Let’s communicate and collaborate together -- that is how we make cybersecurity strong in protecting the global digital ecosystem.

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Intelligent attackers and the constantly changing tech we embrace!

 4 months ago 

Some say these attacks are "inside jobs".

But, I guess it doesn't really matter since the current infrastructure we have seem a bit outdated anyhow.