Art and Science, an Lmac Special -- Joined on a Whim but Made It in 2nd!

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This is now already my third post on this topic. But I promise, this will be the last one! A few days ago I entered the Let's Make a Collage Challenge that was themed Dark Matter by the @stemsocial guys. My work made it in second for the prices awarded by @stemsocial.

Image source:

I would like to thank everyone involved with the collaborative challenge of @lmac and @stemsocial! Especially @gentleshaid, @lemouth, and @mobbs for choosing my work for the 2nd price in the challenge!

It was a fun experience! As a thank you, all proceeds of this post will go to @stemsocial and @lmac :-)

Looking forward to the next and thank you all for liking and voting for me!

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The best is still to come: we need to select the one out of the 15th that will end being featured on various STEMsocial publications :D

Excitement all over!!

Yay! 🤗
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