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Good afternoon STEMGEEKS hope you're all doing well. I've seen this group floating around for some time just haven't joined yet as I am in a few other communities that I really like participating in.

However, I am a massive science buff and love to follow all the new advancements. If I had my time over again I'd get into physics as I do read alot of physics books and journal articles and have my own theories.

But off the back of @themarkymark post I didnt realise this was his thing. I've met Markymark in Leofinance discord and he knows his stuff. I also have a few beliefs that align to his so thought I'd jump on board.

So lets talk time travel.

Time travel is real!

Noting that this article has alot of people against it.

But I want to break down a common flaw or argument in time travel that stops it from moving forward.

"Time travel isn't possible because if it was we would already know about it".

Pretty valid argument and makes sense.

But the article below has a vital piece of information missing from that equation.

You need to twist space time in order to travel through time. In order to do that it requires a machine (not too mention a lot of power)

So effectively, you can only travel back in time to the point that the machine is switched on. This means that if time travel is possible, no we won't know about it because the machine does not exist in our time.

It already is possible to travel forward in time, we just don't have the means to do it yet. (I will explain how to in another future post, it will blow your mind and yes, I know how to do it but lack the means to do it and I wouldn't do it unless I could take my whole family as everyone else would have passed by the time I got back)

This should be the new universal race. Space time travel. This is how we cure disease and fix things.

Imagine blasting into the future to get advances and bringing them back to the here and the now to start.

I wonder what the effects would be and what would happen to space time of the inbetween.


Have a read of the article and let me know your thoughts.

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Interesting. Looking forward to your next post about time travel before I start my argument.

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Sounds good, I can't wait to explore the views and opinions of others.